Voted Best of Harford 9 years in a row and Best of Cecil 2022

An Inspirational Triathlete
Two years ago I had a devastating crash on my road bike while out on my last training ride before a triathlon which resulted in multiple injuries. The most severe was a type 3, completely separated shoulder. When I first went to Agape and saw Joe Colgain, I couldn’t even extend my arm straight out in front of me. My orthopedic surgeon said I would never swim again. Joe helped me prove him wrong. I was back competing by the next summer and placing in my age group. This year I won several first place spots on the podium with the most recent one being the Iron Girl. With Joe’s help in adjusting my stroke, swimming is still the strongest leg of the triathlons for me. My shoulder will be surgically repaired this November and you can bet I will seek Joe’s help in my recovery. Thank you Agape. 
– Susan Gebhardt

Back in the Game After ACL

Physical therapy at Agape has changed my life! After tearing my ACL in high school I went through rehabilitation at Agape PT and this past year I was All Conference while playing field hockey at Dickinson College. I was the only player to play every minute of every game on my team. Thanks John!
– Jennifer DiBaggio

Success with Spinal Stenosis

On my first visit to Agape my therapist timed how long I could walk before I had to sit down (I have severe spinal stenosis). Ninety two seconds and my legs went numb. My goal was to walk a four day trek in Australia with my family in six months. The therapist initiated treatment in the pool for lumbar mobility and stability and on land with the land approach being the Souchard technique (from Paris at the suggestion of a physician from Hopkins who attended the Buenos Aries Neurosurgical conference in Brazil in 2007). The treatment was very aggressive with hands­on treatment three times a week and home exercises six days a week. I was able to walk the four day trek and on the fourth day we flew my gradchildren to walk the last few miles. Thanks Agape! 
– James Healy

No Longer Just Living With the Pain

After years of chronic lower back pain, fibromyalgia and many, many doctor visits/tests, I had decided that I would have to just live with the pain. That is until I met John Taylor who amazed me with his skill and consideration. After discussing the situation he began treatment and after one session, I had relief from my constant pain. After a couple sessions, I seldom have any pain. I strongly recommend to anyone in pain, to contact Agape PT. 
– Shelia Laviers

Answers for Arthritis

Agape Physical Therapy has saved my life. I have severe arthritis and the warm pool therapy has helped me keep my mobility and strength.
– John Bullock

Walking & Playing Golf Again

After 12 back surgeries and a poor prognosis that I would ever walk again because of severe scarring I was told to try Agape PT. We started with Pool therapy and gradually progress to the gym and floor exercises. After four months I was able to play in a cancer benefit golf tournament in Ocean CIty Maryland. My therapist also came down and played in the tournament and my team edged his by one stroke. Although I only played about 12 of the holes it so nice to be able to play again. 
– David P.