Your doctor or physical therapist may have recommended aquatic therapy as part of your treatment plan.

Most of our patients who have graduated from our aquatic therapy rehabilitation program can tell you…it works! We consistently hear patients tell us of significant decreases in pain, improved endurance, and obvious strength and motion gains. You may be wondering what the pool has to offer you and the answer is likely….a whole lot! Each patient will have a specifically designed program to meet their individual goals. It is not necessary that a patient is able to swim, although we do ask that you tell us if you are uncomfortable in the water so we can increase the safety and quality of your experience.  Aquatic Therapy Centers are located at our Forest Hill, Bel Air,  Arena Club, Joppa, Eldersburg, and White Marsh locations.

Aquatic-Therapy-imageWhy Aquatics?

If you have ever floated in a pool you know that water provides support through buoyancy. From a rehabilitation standpoint, the water decreases the gravity placed on the body and allows for earlier muscle strengthening. This supportive, warm water environment makes it easier for a patient to move with less overall stress on joints, muscles, and bones.

The water pressure surrounding a patient’s body in the pool can gently stimulate good blood and lymphatic circulation. We have clinically seen a reduction in swelling in ankles, feet, and upper extremities. As swelling is decreased, range of motion can increase allowing for more normal movement.

Just being in the water provides resistance to movement in all directions. Core muscles can be strengthened as your body responds to the movement of the water around you. This “all over” resistance can be used to strengthen specific muscle groups, challenge core stability, and re­train sensory awareness and balance reactions.

We understand that for some patients, the idea of moving and exercising to decrease pain and improve function can be overwhelming. We find that the aquatic therapy can be a great start. The benefits of aquatic therapy go beyond the physical. We see patients each day in pool becoming more mobile, gaining endurance, and believing that their goals for function and wellness are, in fact, within reach.