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Workers Compensation

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At Agape Physical Therapy, we work hard to get our patients back to their life before injury. A work injury can have a lifestyle and financial impact on an individual or family. We provide treatment directed at mitigating risk and exposure specifically towards lost time, expedited return to work and prevention.

We treat each injured worker as an Industrial Athlete. The physical training of industrial athletes, whose jobs require strength, agility, and stamina is essential in keeping their bodies healthy and fit. This is the key to performance and reduced injuries on the job.

Agape Physical Therapy provides a wide array of services, including aquatics, manual hands on treatment, job specific exercise, and one to one attention. We emphasize the industrial athlete and provide work specific rehab and assessment that begins immediately after a work place injury and continues through to work conditioning, FCEs, and ergonomic assessments.

Work conditioning: Certain patients may require work conditioning which occurs at the completion of a regular physical therapy program. It prepares the worker for re-entrance into the work place. The physical therapist obtains a thorough description of the worker’s job requirements and goals. Participants are challenged in a 2-4 hour session with cardiovascular activities, strength & conditioning exercises, and job simulation tasks that are specifically designed toward the worker’s job demands. Work conditioning is offered at several of our locations.

Additional services offered through selected locations:

  • FCEs
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Pre-employment post offer screening

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